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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Time to share!!

Greetings from the Alamo City!!

I created this blog because I am constantly asked for recipes and emailing everyone their requests.  So, now I decided to put recipes and helpful hints in a blog.  A Facebook friend of mine and wife of one of my high school friends has a wonderful blog with recipes and so she gave me the idea to do this.  Check out her blog The Yankee Cowgirl. 

Since I hail from Georgia, I like to cook and good food totally rocks!!  Living now in San Antonio, I now add a spicy flair to my cooking.  Of course I adjust it based on who I am cooking for as my parents like it flaming and my girls like a little to none.  I do struggle with family onions, no tomatoes, nothing green, no peppers, no mushrooms, no fish, nothing healthy...but I still add them as they make the dish flavorful.  As I tell my husband all the time...either pick it out or there's always a bowl of cereal.

So here we go!!

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