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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Southern Fried Cabbage

This is another southern tradition that is so dawg-gone good!!  In order to have the authentic version...follow the recipe as outlined exactly below.  If you want to make it healthier...use grapeseed oil and omit bacon entirely. When buying bacon for this...get the cheap stuff.  It creates the bacon to where it is easier to crumble.  The thicker variety makes more grease and doesn't crumble well.  Enjoy!


1 12 oz pkg of bacon
1 large head of cabbage...shredded
Crazy Jane's Mixed Up Salt
Fresh Cracked Pepper


In a large skillet, cook the bacon.  Set the bacon aside to cool.  Leave the drippings and bacon grease in the pan.  Shred the cabbage.  Crumble the bacon.  Add both to the pan.  Cook over medium heat until the cabbage is soft and transparent.  Season with CJMUS & cracked pepper.

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